Short Courses in Practical Ministry

Short Courses in Practical Ministry

Our short courses in practical ministry are a series of stand-alone courses designed to equip and inspire you to serve in your local church. They’re unswervingly biblical, laying great foundations for the ministry you are involved in. But also practical, encouraging you to get stuck in to serving God.

We offer 8 short courses in practical ministry:

  • Administration
  • Christian Mission and Ministry
  • Pastoral Care
  • Philosophy and Christian Belief 1
  • Philosophy and Christian Belief 2 (coming soon)
  • Preaching
  • Women’s Ministry
  • Youth and Children’s Work

How do the courses work?

Once you have enrolled, you are sent a folder containing the course material. Each course is comprised of 10 units – each unit taking about 7 hours to work through. You can either study at home on your own or meet together with others in your congregation. If you get stuck, you can contact the college office for advice and support. At the end of each unit there’s a chapter assignment which will help show that you have understood and can use what you have been learning.

These courses can be started at any time. You can work at your own pace and hand in your assignments whenever it suits you. So they couldn’t be more flexible! Ideal for busy people who want to be equipped to serve.

How much do they cost?

Normal enrolment (most students living in the UK):£30
Discount enrolment (full time church workers and those on benefits):£25
Overseas enrolment (students living outside the UK):£35
Overseas discount enrolment (students working on the mission field):£27
Married couple enrolment (where husband and wife share one study guide):£40 for both spouses