Which course is for me?

The Good Book College offers a range of courses in biblical studies, theology and practical ministry. All are biblical, all are useful to people serving in the local church. So where should you start? Which course is right for you, right now?

Starting out: If you are new to studying or serving in the local church then why not start with our Bible overview: Introduction to the Bible? Or our short course in Christian Mission and Ministry? Both these courses lay a great foundation for future ministry and study. Neither commit you to a long period of study.

Getting an overview: If you are looking a broad overview of the Bible, theology and church history then you can enrol on the Certificate in Theology from Moore College? Module by module you gradually work your way through the Scriptures and the development of the church. Ideal for home group leaders, youth group leaders, people starting out in preaching and anyone who simply wants to get to know their Bible better.

Focusing on practical service: It may be that you already have a good grounding in biblical studies and simply want to equip yourself for a particular area of service in the local church: administration, pastoral care, preaching, women’s ministry or youth and children’s work. If that sounds like you, then you could think about enrolling on a Short Course in practical ministry skills.

Dipping a toe: If you’re short on time and want to take a bite-sized course in one specific area of biblical studies, theology or practical ministry, then a Firm Foundations course may be for you.

If you would like to chat over your options with a member of staff, feel free to call The Good Book College on 0345 225 0885. We’ll be happy to help you work out which course is best for you …